To reach a teacher by phone, dial 407-251-2500 and then the extension.

Classified Staff
Classified Staff Title Extension E-mail
Agosto, Maria Paraprofessional 3684611 [email protected]
Clavier, Nijolu Register 3684232 [email protected]
Brea,Nicole Extended Day 3684514 [email protected]
Garcia, Breily Custodial Manager 3684231 [email protected]
Graham, Lorrie Cafeteria Manager 3684226 [email protected]
Grajales, Zaida Paraprofessional 3684366 [email protected]
Jackson, Sekaya Tech Coordinator 3684234 [email protected]
Mahesse, Nora Secretary/Bookkeeper 3684223 [email protected]
Medina, Irma Paraprofessional 3684289 [email protected]
Reyes, Irvin Paraprofessional 3684514 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Normita ESE Services 3684238 [email protected]
Sanichar, Sandy Paraprofessional 3684276 [email protected]
Santana, Magda Interventionist 3684251 [email protected]
Sepulveda, Taysha Paraprofessional 3684503 [email protected]
Gooding, Celia Clinic Health Aide 3684229 [email protected]
Vega, Ileana Paraprofessional 3684276 [email protected]
Virola, Omayra Extended Day 3684369 [email protected]
Waters, Melody Paraprofessional 3684283 [email protected]