The arts are a universal language and a fundamental form of expressive communication for every human. In Orange County Public Schools we believe that every student should have the opportunity to develop their own innate creativity and learn to respect the creative expressions of others. OCPS Arts students are provided quality, sequential, standards based instruction to prepare them for 21st Century Skills required for jobs of the future.

The OCPS Fine Arts Essential Skills Curriculum offers students the knowledge, skills, habits, and values to express themselves artistically as well as value the artistic thoughts, ideas and feelings of others. Fine Arts students demonstrate the capacity for aesthetic awareness, creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills essential to life long learning and personal fulfillment.


What's going on in Art??

Students will experience working with different mediums including markers, crayons, acrylic pain, watercolors, scissors, collage and more. Students will participate in activities related to celebrations, such as Chinese New Year, and will also experience art techniques from famous artists of the past.

Students will work on color combinations, texture, and properties of the line throughout the various projects done in class.