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Kindergarten teachers from 2017

Top Left to Bottom Right

Zuleika Torres - 3684606
Barbara Peplow - 3684605
Carolina Oliveira - 3684610
Olga Bernal - 3684611
Irma Medina - 3684289
Ada Berrios - 3684604
Catherine Borrero - 3684603

* To reach by phone, dial 407-251-2500 and then the extension.


Kindergarten Philosophy

Our kindergarten program uses a balanced approach for teaching reading. Beginning reading skills such as letter recognition, letter sounds, left to right progression, basic punctuation and inflection are all taught within the context of literature. We also focus on the process of writing. Children will “write” on their own level using inventive spelling to express their thoughts. Encourage your child to write at home in a journal every day. We use a thematic approach to integrate concrete “hands on” activities in language arts, math, science and social studies.


Field Trips and Volunteering

Field trips are planned to enrich the kindergarten curriculum. Every child is expected to participate. Each child will bring home a permission slip that must be signed by a parent before the child may participate. Parents are one of our most valuable resources! You might be able to help with field trips, holiday parties, carnival day, and fundraisers and in countless other ways. In order to be a chaperone, you must sign up to be an “ADDitions” Volunteer. You register online at If you don’t have a computer at home, there are computers available at school for your use. Siblings may not attend these trips, so please make other arrangements for younger siblings.


Homework will be given every day. Please supervise your child, but do not do it for him/her. Check the homework folder daily (Monday-Friday) for homework, notes from the teacher and information from the office.


Common Core: Ready...Set...Go

Link to the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards Page