The arts are a universal language and a fundamental form of expressive communication for every human.  In Orange County Public Schools we believe every student should have the opportunity to develop their own innate creativity and learn to respect the creative expression of others.  OCPS Arts students are provided quality sequential standards-based instruction to prepare them for 21st Century Skills required for jobs of the future.

The OCPS Fine Arts Essential Skills Curriculum offers students the knowledge, skills, habits, and values to express themselves artistically as well as value the artistic thoughts, ideas, and feelings of others.  Fine Arts students demonstrate the capacity for aesthetic awareness, creative problem solving, and critical thinking skills essential to life-long learning and personal fulfillment.

Oakshire Music

Mrs. Kim R. Steele – Music Teacher MM, NBCT

Music Students will experience music in many ways including singing, playing, moving, listening and creating.  Through standards-based instruction, students will build skills from one grade level to the next.   The elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, form, tempo, dynamics, tone color, and style will be emphasized at each stage of musical development.  Instruction is tailored to encourage steady, consistent effort rather than natural talent.  All students can be successful in the music classroom.



The best way to reach me is through email: [email protected]

My phone number is 407-251-2500 ext.3682501

Occasionally a student may need some help from home to reinforce acceptable classroom behavior.  I will send a letter home with the student should this situation arise.


Reminder Letter:

Date _________________________              Classroom Teacher ________________________________


Behavior Report: MUSIC

Teacher: Mrs. Steele


This report is to inform you __________________________________________________ has been demonstrating some negative behaviors in music class.

I have already discussed these issues with your child. Because he/she is repeating these behaviors too often, his/her grade could be affected.

Please speak with your child about the following negative behaviors in music class.


______Not listening or following directions

______Talking while the teacher is talking

______Not staying on task

______Not staying in his assigned place

______Disrespecting Teacher

______Disrespecting others

______Acting silly or playing around

______Abusing classroom instruments/supplies

______Not participating in the class

______Disturbing the class by seeking personal attention

______Talks/makes noises that prevent other students from listening/learning


 It is my goal that all my students have the best possible opportunity to excel in musical development. A positive and cooperative class enables student excellence.


Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Mrs. Steele – MM, NBCT

[email protected]

407-251-2500 x 3682501