Physical Education

Physical Education is an important component of the educational school day, and current brain research supports the importance of physical activity at school to promote learning. Research also shows that children and adolescents who are physically active grow into healthier adults. The outcome of a developmentally and instructionally appropriate program of physical education is a physically educated person.

Physical Education in Orange County Public Schools is designed to give students the opportunity to learn through a comprehensive sequentially planned program in accordance with Florida Sunshine State Standards.

The state of Florida requires 150 minutes per week of physical education for elementary school students. Elementary physical education focuses on movement, cooperative learning, and manipulatives to enhance body and fitness awareness.

Class Dojo is the way for you to see your child’s progress throughout the school year. Secondly it is a way to communicate what we are doing in Physical Education and how your child will be assessed during the year. This is an important part of the PE program that includes behavior and participation points. Log in information will be sent home the first few weeks of school so look for it in your child’s planner/agenda. The link is

Oakshire PE

Mr. Jeffrey Leeper [email protected]

Mr. Irvin Reyes [email protected]

Ms. Nicole Brea [email protected]

Physical Education students are getting involved with the SPARK PE program. To read more about this program check out the links below.

In addition, Physical Education students are off and running with the cardio club. Grades K-5 receive a token for participation once a week with Mr. Reyes. The cardio club is a year long event.

Physical Education Newsletter

Physical Education Parent Letter

Physical Education Rules

What is SPARK?


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